Dr K.E.Sreenivasa Murthy


Dr K.E.Sreenivasa Murthy


Dear Youngsters:

A warm and hearty welcome to all of you who nurtured a long and strong desire to become engineers,build a glorious,technologically advanced nation and who want to make their parents feel proud of having such children.We understand your ardent desire to build an excellent academic career and a promising bright future for yourselves.


In order to make you fulfill your desires and realize/materialize your dreams,we have such faculty that has been tested and approved by the august selection committee of JNTUA to which this institution is affiliated.They are endowed with an innate optimism and resourcefulness by means of which they can instill the notion among their students that no matter what the circumstances they can follow their dreams and reach their desired destination.The students get from their faculty members the required immense strength and unfailing support to follow knowledge like a sinking star beyond the utmost bound of human thought.By and large,the faculty members are ‘student-friendly’.

We go a long way in the shaping of our student’s careers with boundless energy and strong inclination for success. We promise to make our students reservoirs of resourcefulness never to compromise with mediocrity in any walk of life except the best.

We maintain a constant touch with the parents of our students, since the students have to stay with us for 4 years-the best part of their life-the prime youth to say.This gives us an opportunity to have an insight into the psyche of the student and we, in turn, try to ameliorate any imbalances at any level if they exist.

We take every possible care to ensure that every student relish her stay at this institute for 4 years and relive and cherish the memories of their stay and leave their footprints in the sands of time for the succeeding students to emulate and become “Someone” in the society.

Wish you all Success!

Other Members