Academic Overview

Our society is moving toward a model of preparing all students for some kind of education and training after high school. That is what parents wish for their children, and encourage them to reach their desired goals. The benefits to the individual are clear-college graduates, have better living, have better career opportunities, engage in greater civic participation, and have a higher overall quality of life.

RCEW offers extraordinary scope. Students arrive with a remarkable diversity of interests as well as a wide variety of personal and professional goals or perhaps no clearly defined goals at all. They find fellow students and teachers with whom they can share their passions and discover new ones, while forging friendships that will last a lifetime. RCEW students are very well prepared for service to society and enjoy extraordinarily high rates of Social well being.

The College has been built to International Standards, Spreads over to Ground plus THREE Floors with an area of -------- sq.m. It consists of centrally air-conditioned computer labs, Auditorium and Seminar Halls, well-projected, CCTV throughout the campus.

Academics include rigor, grades, specific academic skills that students will need to be successful in a college-level course, and "college knowledge"-knowledge about how to apply, enroll, and succeed in a college environment.

  • Assess students learning style, skills, interest and pursuits
  • Prepare them academically
  • Prefer technology to maximize student participation, productivity, and creativity
  • Find role models and mentors
  • Planning to create an environment for the development of entrepreneurship
  • To ensure discipline among the students
  • To award scholarships, medals and appreciations to the students
  • To promote research activity within the campus
  • To provide effective guidance for placement and training of students
  • To provide for and supervise the co-curricular activities of the students

The College has one of the best infrastructure including domain-specific labs associated with the centrally air-conditioned auditorium and seminar halls. The College has a good record of organising seminars, workshops in emerging technological areas, with an objective of developing core competence in the respective subject matter specialisations and special interest groups for learning newer technologies.