Extra and Co-curricular activities help in gaining real and practical experiences. Academic aspects of personality are solely accomplished by classroom learning, while aesthetic development, character building, spiritual growth, physical growth, ethical and moral values, creativity, etc., are supported by extra-curricular activities. The execution of academic contents like frankness and clarity in language, creativity and innovation, and overall personality development is well supported by participating in extra-curricular activities. It helps to developing coordination, adjustment, speech fluency, extempore expressions, etc., among students both in the college as well as in the society. Besides academics, extra co-curricular activities play an instrumental role in shaping and making overall growth and development of human mind.

Activities like sports, games, art and culture, etc., provide a good platform for the students to outshine their latent potentials to compete with the challenges that come their way. In fact, it enables the students to enter into the unopened doors of their lives and become wise enough to go on the ways of the world. The group activities such as debates, quizzes, group discussion, essay competitions, brain storming sessions help in their interaction with peer groups and make them learn practically face the real-life challenges and overcome them by their knowledge and competence. These activities facilitate the multi-faceted development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development and aesthetic development. Creativity, enthusiasm, being energetic, and positive thinking are some of the important outcomes achieved by extra-curricular activities.

Activities conducted for the AY 2020-21

1 Creative Art Program 19.01.2021
2 Creative Art Competition 20.01.2021
3 Painting Competition 22.01.2021
4 Vocabulary Competition 03.02.2021
5 International Women’s Day 08-03-2021
6 Online JAM competition 20.07.2021
7 Online Debate Competition 21.07.2021
8 Online Essay Writing Competition 23.07.2021


Activities conducted for the AY 2019-20

1 Desert Island Activity 24.02.2020
2 Story Telling Competition 25.02.2020
3 International Women’s Day 08-03-2020
4 Online Webinar “Spur On Zeal” 14.07.2020
5 Online Webinar “Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health” 19.07.2020
6 Online Webinar “Laser Pecker” 30.07.2020
7 Impromptu Speech Competition 18.09.2020
8 Online Webinar “Challenge Yourself” 10.10.2020
9 Descriptive Drawing 25.10.2020
10 Creative Ability 18.11.2020
   11 Impromptu Speech Competition 23.11.2020


Activities conducted for the AY 2018-19

1 Small Talks 18.08.2018
2 Impromptu Speech Competition 19.09.2018
3 Power Point Presentation on Non-Technical Topics 25.10.2018
4 Extempore 23.11.2018
5 Secret Word Activity 24.01.2019
6 Two Truths One Lie Competition 27.02.2019
7 MUGDHA Competitions-International Women’s Day 09.02.2019 – 16.02.2019
8 Story Telling Competition 26.04.2019