Labs and Computing Facilities

Labs & Computing Facilities The Department of Computer Science and Engineering supports 400 clients across the various laboratories with two IBM Rack Mounted servers X3650, and an IBM XEON-E server. The laboratories are installed with Window 7 OS, a centrally managed teaching tool for assisting students in the laboratory sessions.

With an objective of developing core competence in the respective subject matter specialisations and special interest groups for learning newer technologies, the Department has the following labs namely:

Lab No Name of the Lab
Lab - 1 Object Oriented Programming Through Java Laboratory (II-I R19)

Computer Networks Laboratory (III- I R19)

Lab – 2 Object Oriented Analysis and Design & Testing Laboratory ( III –I R19)

Database Management Systems Laboratory (II- I R19)

Lab – 3 Python Programming Laboratory (II- I R19)

Grid & Cloud Computing Laboratory (IV- I R15)

Lab – 4 Software Engineering Laboratory (II- II R19)

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory  (III – I R19)

Lab – 5 Operating Systems Laboratory (II – II R19)
Lab - 6 Mobile Application Development Laboratory (IV- I R15)